800px-Yttrium sublimed dendritic and 1cm3 cube

Yttrium is a silvery metallic element, not a rare earth but occurring in nearly all rare-earth minerals, yttrium is used in various metallurgical applications, such as strengthening of magnesium and aluminium alloys. The element is of interest to UFOlogists because of a reference made to it after an abduction in Gustavslund, Sweden, in March 1974. The abductee, who was given the pseudonym ‘Anders’, had a dream in which he was told to ‘search in yttrium’.

UFO investigator Arne Groth subsequently replaced the rock crystals he had been experimenting with, in an attempt to construct a telepathic communication instrument (with which he hope to contact aliens), with yttrium. Apparently, this has the effect of causing waves of energy to extend from Groth’s apparatus, waves that could be physically felt when standing close to it.