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The UFO Phenomenon has become so big since the modern age of UFOs began in the 40s.

Many people have witnesses UFOs including the rich and famous. Many other people have reported coming into contact with Extra-Terrestials.

Many dismiss these incidents as nothing more than hoaxes or hallucinations and some are, but some are so intriguieing that many Governments class them under the heading 'Unknown'.

This encyclopedia is a collection of many cases and topics related to the field of UFOlogy, so feel free to take a look.


Unidentified Flying Objects, Aliens, Flying Saucers, Greys, these are words now in common usage throughout the globe. But even after over 60 years since the dawn of the 'modern age' of UFOs, heralded by the now infamous sighting by Kenneth Arnold on the 24th June 1947, we are nowhere near the truth behind this phenomenon.

Through the pages offered on this online encyclopedia you will find many cases from the realms of UFOlogy. Whether you are looking for cases of Ancient Astronauts or UFO cults, it is all here.

We also encourage contribution by anyone who has information to add or share with other Researchers.


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