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The UFO Research Network was started in early 2010 as a place for discussions on the rise in reported UFOs and related phenomenon.

Mission Statement

'We, The UFO Research Network, are dedicated to the fair and serious research into the UFO/ET Phenomenon that is a prominent feature in the World. We are constantly striving to help UFOlogists and other interested parties alike around the world to help in their personal research into this fascinating and often understated area of science.

It is our hope to provide clear and accurate of UFO/ET cases as quickly as possible from newly sighted cases to old classics. We hope to become a hotbed for scientific discussions on all areas of research from propulsion theories to types of Extra-Terrestrials.

We encourage members to help contribute towards the running of this forum and its other ventures e.g. YouTube and Twitter. We also invite those of many areas to join, whether you believe Extra-Terrestrials are the cause of UFO sightings or if you believe them to be entirely man-made, we are happy to incorporate all.

We believe that the Governments of the World should give full disclosure of all files relating to UFO/ET cases and make them freely available to everyone. '


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