Logo used by the Heaven's Gate sect

Denomination:- UFO Doomsday Cult

Date of Origin:- 1973 USA

Leader(s):- Marshal Applewhite, Bonnie Nettles

Estimated followers:- Nil (about 40 during the 1990s)

Useful Web address:-


The Human Individual Metamorphosis, Total Overcomers Anonymous and latterly Heaven's Gate was founded in 1975 by Marshal Herff Applewhite (Do, Bo) and Bonnie Lou Nettles (Ti, Peep).Numbers fluctuated before, in March 1997, thirty nine of the main 'groundcrew' committed suicide, in San Diego, California, in order to leave their 'physical containers' and join a spaceship hiding behind the comet Hale-Bopp.


2,000 years ago extraterrestrials from a literal and physical Kingdom of Heaven visited earth, as told in certain Biblical passages, especially Revelations, and 'incarnated' the body of Jesus. Earth is ultimately evil, corrupt and doomed. Applewhite/Do was the leader of the evacuation party to a gender free sexless eternal life in 'The Level Above Human'.

Points of Interest

Higher Source: Name of the web design company run to help fund the group.

Hale-Bopp: Or Comet C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp) was discovered in 1995 be Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp. A nucleus of ice, dust and rock, surrounded by a coma of steam, orbiting the Sun at 27 miles per second became visible to the human eye in the late 1990s. Now only visible from the Southern hemisphere with a large telescope.

Castration: Of the dead (21 women and 18 men) 8 of the men had undergone voluntary castration in readiness.

Eathstation: The mansion at Rancho Santé Fe, complete with swimming pool, tennis courts, putting green and sauna reportedly sold in 1999 for $668,000.

Exit press release: Released on 22nd March 1997 by their group on their website, stated that their 'earthly task' was done and that the 'away team' had taken the 'leap of faith' 'out of death' to the 'next level'.

Apple Sauce: Mixed with the sedative Phenobarbital and washed down with Vodka, followed by suffocation with a plastic bag, was the method of 'closure'.