George Adamski meeting with a Venusian.

A Contactee is a person who claims repeated contacts with occupants of UFOs. A contactee is distinguishable from an Abduction victim due to the nature of the event and also as abduction victims claim only one encounter, normally.

Contactees hold the UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft piloted by benign beings from planets both within and beyond our Solar System. Some contactees actually claim to have visited the homes of their extraterrestrial contacts. Contact is normally done via telepathy, often without the physical presence of the extraterrestrial. Some of the Space People allegedly live unrecognised among human beings. Communications are usually of a religious nature and warn against such evils as wart, atomic energy and pollution. Reincarnation plays a dominant role in the belief systems of the contactees and Jesus is considered to have been an incarnation of an extraterrestrial spaceman.

Although contactees do not usually file UFO reports or attempt to prove their claim, they have a huge following on the internet. This is why many UFOlogists blame them for the ridicule that is normally associated with the subject of UFOlogy.

Some psychologists attribute the contactee phenomenon to hallucinations, post-war fear of atomic destruction and a need for religious fulfilment in a modern context. The voices heard by contactees have been compared to the disembodied voices attributed to God and the saints in former centuries. Some contactees receive messages from alleged space contacts through voice channelling. This process is similar to the Christian phenomenon know as 'speaking in tongues' and is believed by some psychologists to originate entirely in the individual's own mind.

Author Jacques Vallee has speculated that contactees might be victims of mind control brought about through the use of psychotronic technology. The perpetrators might be a group of human beings on Earth attempting to confuse and discredit the UDO issue in order to prevent close scrutiny by scientists. Their long-term goal could be to avert World War III by creating a belief in an extraterrestrial threat and thus uniting the nations of the world.

Engineer Leon Davidson believes that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is responsible for staging UFO contacts in order to confuse the Russians about American technological capabilities and to divert attention from specific Soviet space achievements by capturing new headlines with flying saucer reports.

Contactees worldwide number in the thousands. The most famous contactees are George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Billy Meier, Howard Menger, Gabriel Green.

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