The Oloron Sighting is one of the most known angel hair cases.

Angel’s Hair is a white, gossamer like substance which falls from the sky, sometimes in great quantity. Strands range in length from a few inches to more than one hundred feet. In almost half the cases, it has been seen descending from cigar-shaped UFOs which have cloudlike formations under or around them. Although these fibres have sometimes been confused with floating spider webs, they can be differentiated by the fact that they dissolve upon contact with the ground. In this respect, angels’ hair is similar to Devil’s Jelly. Examination of several samples has revealed that angel’s hair contains boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium. It is similar in composition to borosilicate glass. However, its ephemeral nature renders more specific analysis impossible.

Angel’s hair is sometimes compared to ectoplasm, a substance which spiritualists claim to be involved in materialisation. This has led UFOlogists who support the parallel universe hypothesis to theorise that angel’s hair is the excess materialisation energy created when UFOs manifest themselves in our physical world.

Two well known cases in which angel’s hair was observed were the Oloron and Gaillac sightings in France in 1952.