Alexander Barracks, Dhekelia, Cyprus was the scene of a particularly terrifying and bizarre encounter which occurred at three O’clock on a September morning in 1968. The percipient, who told his story to British UFOlogist Jenny Randles, was a British Army NCO, who was alerted to a possible intruder by his dog, a fierce Turkish wolfhound. Thinking that the growling of the dog might signal a terrorist attack on the barrack, the soldier moved carefully and silently to the door of his room, while the wolfhound uncharacteristically scampered under the bed and began to whimper.

The NCO then heard a curious, high-pitched humming sound that seemed to be coming from somewhere outside his room. He slowly opened the door and stepped out on the landing, from which a flight of wooden stairs led down to the ground floor. What he saw floating up the stairs appalled and terrified him beyond imagining. The soldier later described an incomplete humanoid being – only the head and shoulder were visible- dressed in a light blue suit with a collarless neck. The scowling face, inclined forward, was bright orange in colour; the hair was red, and the eyes were large and unblinking. As it approached the top of the stairs and the petrified soldier, the being turned is head fully 180 degrees.

In Panic, the soldier ran back to his room, slammed the door and sat on the edge of his bed, while the humming noise continued to rise in pitch until it reached a deafening level. Added to it was a sliding noise, which the soldier took to be that of the being moving towards his room. Rather than face the unimaginable, he grabbed an underwater spear-gun and fired it through the door.

Instantly, the humming and sliding noises stopped, leaving the NCO alone in his room, where he was found an hour later by a relief guard. He later suffered briefly from muscular paralysis, but made a complete recovery, unlike his unfortunate wolfhound, which remained fearful of the slightest noise for the rest of its life.