In 1975, the Japanese news media reported a UFO sighting near Akita Airport in northern Japan. On the morning of October 17th, Masaki Machida, a television reporter for the Akita Broadcasting Company, was at the airport when he caught sight of a disk-shaped object descending from the east. Approximately, fifty witnesses, including air traffic controllers and awaiting passengers, watched the bright golden disk, with white lights, shining from its interior, as it hovered at about five thousand feet over the ground, five miles from the airport. Telecommunications officer Kenichi Waga warned all incoming and outgoing pilots to watch out for the UFO. Captain Masarus Saito, a Toa Domestic Airlines pilot with twelve years experience, described the appearance of the object as that of two plates placed together, the top one inverted. After about five minutes, the UFO flew off in the direction of the sea.