The after-effects of Alien Abductions can have serious long-term effects. American UFOlogist Jerome Clark divides them into three stages. The initial stage, which Clark calls ‘immediate after-effects’, usually involves physical problems, such as nausea, irritated eyes, an unusual thirst, scoop-like cuts in the legs and nose bleeds that can last days or weeks.

The second stage, ‘intermediate after-effects’; usually start a few weeks or even months after the abduction. It is then that the psychological difficulties begin. These include recurring nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks and an irrational anxiety when returning to the area of the abduction- even though the victim may have no conscious memory of the event itself. Even so, this stage is often marked by the obsessive need to return to the site of the abduction, as if the victim is willing it to happen again.

The final stage in Clark’s outline is the ‘long-term effects’. These can occur years after the abduction and often involve changes in the personality and outlook of the abductee. Often these changes in the personality can be for the better. Some Abductees have discovered hidden artistic talents or a previously unacknowledged spiritual side to their nature.