Logo used by the Aetherius Society

Denomination:- New Age Theosophical UFO Society

Date of Origin:- 1955 UK, USA & elsewhere

Leader(s):- George King

Estimated followers:- about 1,000

Useful Web address:-


‘Dr’ or ‘Sir’ George King, a London taxi driver; Master of Yoga and psychic, was told in May 1954 by Cosmic Master Aetherius that he was to become ‘the voice of interplanetary parliament’. In July 1958 in Holdstone, Devon he was visited by Cosmic Master Jesus who transmitted the Twelve Blessings. King immigrated to America in 1960 and opened a centre in Hollywood. The Society has adherents on every continent.


The Society is a cosmic evolution and spiritual path to enlightenment, where all science and religion merge. Extraterrestrial contact is friendly and aimed at stopping further damage to Mother Earth. The law of cause and effect (Karma), spiritual progress and energy through service, radionic healing and reincarnation are all central tenets.

Points of Interest

Twelve Blessings: Include blessed is/are the peace-makers, wise-ones, lovers, planetary ones, thanksgivers, healers, Earth, Sun, Lords of Karma, Galaxy, Lords of Creation and Absolute.

Cosmic Voice: Quarterly journal of the Society. ASIN: 000085A26.

23rd November 1958: Cosmic Transmission from Lord Karma that the next Master; in 'soft-topped shoes', is coming. Date unspecified.

Satellite No 3: Spiritual energy and contact increases when this Martian satellite nears Earth.

Operation Starlight: Metaphysical operation to 'charge' 19 mountains with beneficial spiritual and cosmic energy.

UK magnetised peaks: Holdstone and Yes Tor (Devon), Brown Willy (Cornwall), Ben Hope and Creag-An-Leth-Chain (Scotland), Coniston Old Man (Cumbria), Pen-y-Fan and Cardnedd Llwelyn (Wales), Kinderscourt (Derbyshire).

8th July 1964: 'Primary Initiation of Earth' with energy.