Artist representation of the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

An Abduction, sometimes referred to as a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (CE-IV), is the kidnapping of human beings by 'UFO' occupants (most of these are extraterrestrial in origin). Although abductees are frequently referred to as Contactees they are not. Contact cases are generally pleasant, friendly conversations with UFOnauts that impart moralistic or spiritual messages. Some Contactees are even taken to the home world of the UFO. In Abduction cases, however, the people involved are taken without their consent. Some well-known cases of abduction are the Betty and Barney Hill case in New Hampshire, the Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker case in Pascagoula, Mississippi and the Antonio Villas-Boas case in Brazil.

Many alleged abduction cases have only came to light through hypnosis, the witness having lost all conscious memory of the actual event. Psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle has interviewed and hypnotically regressed numerous individuals who apparently were victims of abduction by UFOnauts within amnesic or time loss periods during UFO encounters. However, experiences related during hypnosis cannot be considered unequivocally factual. In experiments conducted at Anaheim Memorial Hospital in Anaheim, California in 1977, by clinical hypnotist William C. McCall, technical writer John DeHerrera and English Professor Alvin Lawson, imaginary UFO Abductions were induced hypnotically into a group of subjects who had never seen a UFO and were uninformed on the subject. The imaginary events described by the control subjects showed no substantive differences from those related by 'real' abductees.

Some researchers believe that reports of disappearances of people and objects represent another type of UFO abductions. Writers have hypothesized that such abductions may be used for food, slavery, experimentation, zoos, museums or some other unknown purpose. The most notorious area where such disappearances are reputed to occur is the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

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